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Discover your true potential by focusing on your strengths.

All your life you’ve been told to fix your weaknesses. What if you focused on your greatest talents instead?

Imagine being fully invested in your greatest talents.

4 ways to get started:

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Schedule a brief and confidential phone conversation and see if coaching would be beneficial for you at this time. This is a great opportunity to understand the coaching process and ask questions without any pressure or obligation. 

Take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment

Identify your areas of greatest potential by discovering your 34 themes of talent. Get a clearer picture of your unique talent DNA. Receive detailed reports highlighting your greatest opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Choose a One-Time Strengths Feedback Session

Get more out of your CliftonStrengths® reports with a coaching session that focuses on your specific results. Learn how to understand, appreciate, and apply your unique talents. Begin the journey to greater fulfillment in life and work.

Move Forward with a Monthly Coaching Package

Apply what you're learning about yourself as you focus on specific challenges. Explore several options for a longer-term coaching relationship. Discover the value of partnering with a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach.

Choose Strengths-Based Development for Your Business or Team

Invest in strengths-based development concepts throughout your organization or team. Discover the difference in productivity and engagement when people invest in their strengths, manage their weaknesses, and partner with others who are bringing their greatest talents to the table.

Leadership Coaching

For business owners and leaders who are called to build, communicate, develop, inspire, and lead change in relationships and organizations.

Coaching for Managers & Teams

For managers who desire to lead with their strengths and effectively inspire and engage each individual as they build a strengths-based team.

Strengths Coaching for Professionals 

For individuals who see the value of investing in themselves for growth and success.

About Rory.

Empathy® | Intellection® | Connectedness® | Learner® | Individualization®

Leading With Relationship Building CliftonStrengths® Themes

I work with growth-minded individuals and leaders, helping them to understand, appreciate, and apply their strengths for greater effectiveness and satisfaction.

I especially enjoy partnering with my clients as they discover what's next and how best to achieve it.

Contact me to discuss what's leading you to consider coaching at this time. The call is confidential and the decision to move forward-or not- is completely yours.

They Say

Bob Warren

Business Owner

" Rory walks alongside you and helps you draw out fresh insights and perspectives. He has helped me to navigate numerous challenges, both personally and professionally. I look forward to every coaching call."

Trey Shearin

Business Owner & Ministry Leader

"Rory has helped me to discover my strengths and develop them. I was focusing more on what I didn't have. His approach has helped me to gain confidence as a leader and in what I have to offer."

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