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Strengths Feedback Session

A single session to help you get the most from your strengths assessment 

Now that you know your strengths, what would you like to focus on next?

You have the results from your assessment and want to know how to get the most out of your strengths for growth and progress. Get clarity about your reports and how to use them during this 60-minute coaching call.


Be clear on how to best use your reports and strengths for excellence and growth. 


Determine which of your strengths you will focus on first, while avoiding common errors.

Take Action

Pursue your goals with greater skill and passion. Discover the joy of using your strengths.


Partner with a Certified Strengths Coach to Get the Most From Your Assessment

Be clear on the meaning and power of your CliftonStrengths® Assessment.

Understand the difference between your dominant, supporting, and lesser themes of talent and how those relate to your personal development.

Discover what it means to lean into your strengths while managing your weaknesses.  

Get answers to your questions about your personal reports.

This 60-minute coaching call could be the key to unlocking what makes you truly unique. 

Preparation for Our Call

Discovery Call. If you have already taken your Strengths Assessment, I will provide instructions on how you can share your results with me during a brief Discovery Call. We can also discuss what you would like to takeaway from the Strengths Introduction Call.

CliftonStrengths® 34 Assessment. Since the Strengths Introduction Call is focused on helping you understand and use your assessment results, you'll want to complete the assessment and share your results with me prior to our call. If you would like to purchase the Assessment, we can discuss that during our Discovery Call.